Watch This Dance Troupe’s Take On Beyoncé’s “Formation”

they came to slay

We all know that once a Beyoncé video hits the web, it won't take long until someone does their own unique embodiment of the song. Now while this isn't another Justin Timberlake remake (another parody like "Single Ladies" is long overdue) it makes up for it with the total and utter talent of the dancers that are featured. Shot by Tim Milgram and choreographed by none other than Wildabeast Adams, this charged version of "Formation" has officially been released on YouTube with over 500,000 views already. We only wish we could move as fluid as this dance squad, and for that, there's some help for us plebes. If you're dying to learn Bey's OG routine, Broadway Bodies in New York City specializes in teaching choreography from popular songs, and will be debuting their "Formation" class tonight (squee!).

Wildabeast is a professional dancer who specializes in hip-hop and has choreographed moves for songs from many artists like Busta Rhymes and Juicy J. If you're dying to bust a move or five after watching this, the choreographer offers dance tutorials for other Beyoncé videos including "Partition" and "Countdown." (This is the same group that also broke out a sick routine for Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money.") Alyson Stoner—remember her from Disney Channel?— has even been featured in one of the choreographer's Missy Elliot tribute videos on the social platform.

These dancers prove to us that they have got some coordination, because obviously they slay. Watch the routine go down, above!