Beyoncé Loved This “Formation” Tap Dance Routine And So Will You


by daniel barna

Tap dancing is a bit of a dying art form, and that's a shame. There's just something about the clickity-clack of those metal heels that's hypnotic, transformative, and nostalgic. So who better to pump some youthful energy into the lost art, than Queen Bey herself?

No, Beyoncé's not adding a tap segment to her world tour, but she did express her admiration for some wonderful tap dance choreography to her song "Formation," courtesy of the Washington, DC, group Syncopated Ladies. The video, in which the five women pretty much nail the "Formation" choreography seen in the original video, circulated the Internet like wildfire before finding its way to Beyoncé herself, who then shared it on Facebook

According to Maud Arnold, who choreographed and produced the video along with her sister, her intent was to "show how powerful black women in tap dance are." 

"Just how black culture influences the world... my sister and I, as black women, have been able to influence the world of dance," Arnold told The Huffington PostAs for how they feel about Beyoncé herself? Take a guess.

"Beyoncé is so inspiring as a black woman because she's extremely talented but beyond that she's a business woman, she's kind, she's amazing, she's everything you want to be," Arnold added. "She holds her sisters up, she inspires others, she loves being a black woman and she embraces it. And it's really important for us to express that, too." 

Our thoughts exactly. Watch "Syncopated Ladies" slay above.