Get To Know Beyoncé’s Twins In New ‘SNL’ Skit

“I think these babies came to slay”

by Lisa Eppich

We were expecting Saturday Night Live to do some sort of spoof on Beyoncé's recent birth announcement, but we didn't think we'd end up getting to sit in on her latest OB-GYN appointment. Not surprising? Queen Bey (played by Sasheer Zamata) looks better in stirrups than we ever could. More surprising? Her unborn Bey-beys bear a strong resemblance to Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan.

With Beyoncé's donning the same gauzy veil from her birth announcements—maybe she had a doctor's appointment right after the photoshoot?—her doctor (Alec Baldwin) gives Beyoncé an ultrasound to make sure the newest members of the royal family are doing okay. As expected, Beyoncé's womb is plush as hell, complete with cozy red couches and a recording studio. Morgan and Thompson (who have somewhat nauseating rubber tubing for umbilical cords) take the opportunity to talk about what life is going to be like outside such comfortable confines. Baby Kenan asks if baby Tracy recognizes who their famous mama is, and it turns out he's not exactly sure, saying "I don't know, but I think she's important. When people meet her, they scream, so she's either a beautiful queen or a goblin." Kenan shoots back saying, "Yo, our mama is Beyoncé, man. Wow, I haven't even breathed yet, and I know who Beyoncé is!" This of course prompts Dr. Baldwin to quip "It may be too early to say, but I think these babies came to slay."

The best moment of the skit came when, after kicking at their mother's belly, Baby Kenan says that they shouldn't bother their mother too much because she's having a hard enough time carrying twins to begin with. Baby Tracy—ever the instigator—shoots back with "Oh no, she's not! I heard she carried two full-grown ladies for 10 years named Michelle and Kelly!"

Ouch. With shade that dark, the ultrasound goes black.

Check out the full skit below.