Bieber Explains Why He Cried at the VMAs, Performs on Fallon

emotional confessions and “what do you mean?”

Fresh of his weepy performance at the MTV VMAs, Justin Bieber basically took over Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, offering up explanations for all those tears, a drum battle with Questlove, improvosational Country and Western, freestyle rap, and a performance of his new, number-one hit single “What Do You Mean?”. It was more Beebs than TV has seen in a long time.

Speaking in his newly acquired mature voice, Bieber explained that the tears came from being overwhelmed by the experience of being hauled down by wire to perform in front of millions, missing some cues, and still winning over the audience. “Honestly,” he said, “I just wasn’t expecting them to support me in the way they did,” noting that the last time he performed at an award show, the audience booed him. Bieber followed that honest, vulnerable statement with compelling words about his recent efforts toward maturity, craft, and serious music.

Um, are we seeing the birth of a new, humble Beebs before our eyes? It’s confusing, but we want more. Check it out, below.

Of course, it wasn’t all lumpy throats. You can see a bit of old-school Bieber as he faces off with the Roots’ ?uestlove in a drum battle below. And run back up to the top of the page to see him blaze out “What Do You Mean?” with The Tonight Show’s legendary backing band.