Big Data The Business Of Being Emoji White Sea Music Video Premiere

this ain’t your average lyric video

At this point in the game, lyric videos have become passé. We communicate with emoji now, so why would any artist assume flashing words on a screen would hold a viewer’s interest? Alan Wilkis, the mind behind the hyperactive electronic project Big Data, gets that—better than anyone, probably—and made a lyric video for today's viewer.

“The Business of Emoji” (an appropriate title for this video, no?) is a frenzied drum and synth track. Morgan Kibby, of White Sea and M83 fame, joins Wilkis, and their voices mix together to bring the song to anthemic levels. “It was an absolute pleasure working with Morgan,” Wilkis told us. “She has such incredible creative instincts, and her voice is a force of nature.” Amen to that. Together, they ground a track that feels like it could spin off into the ether at any moment. Wilkis's idea to use emoji only adds to the brilliant confusion because no two people define an emoji the same way. The business of emoji becomes the business of defining your own language, which is exactly what the Big Data project is all about: figuring out our relationship with the machine.