up the shine power with this oversized lip gloss.

by liza darwin

It's common knowledge that in the beauty world, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better (see: mini mascara, tiny beauty kits, and itsy bitsy compacts). But when we tested the new Big Flirt lip glosses from Flirt!, the results were, well, huge...and we mean that in more ways than one.

The packaging of these dotted tubes is larger than normal at about 4" inches, but what really makes the difference is the giant applicator. Billed as the best way to cover more lip surface area and increase glossiness, all it takes is a quick swipe to get the total effect.

We liked the fact that the all of the colors (even the dramatic violet shade) went on sheer. And because it somehow manages to last for hours without being overly sticky or glittery, it's our favorite new way to get major shine while still leaving our teenybopper days behind.

$15.50 at KOHL'S.