Birdy Rhodes Let It All Go Live Video - New Music

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It’s always refreshing to see an artist you’ve come to admire not stray from what put them on your map in the first place. U.K. chanteuse Birdy got her start with just her light-as-air voice and a piano. Her 2011 cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” became something of a wonder, and she’s been steadily releasing new music since. (If you haven’t checked out her latest LP Fire Within, please do so.)

This year, Birdy teamed up with Rhodes, a fellow Brit, for a powerhouse piano anthem “Let It Go.” Though the cathedral of sound the original song packs, this new live-version doesn’t skimp out on the emotion. Sitting back-to-back at respective pianos, Birdy and Rhodes delicately glide over the song’s melodies and narrative. It’s cathartic in its most purest sense—something we won’t be letting go of anytime soon.