Photo via Getty Images/ Illustration by Devin Elida Kelly

what was the number-one movie on the day you were born?

find out with this awesome app

by harry charlesworth

When people talk about when they were born, they usually have all the basic information down—what time of day it was, how frantically their mother rushed to the hospital, and what the weather was outside. But most people probably have no idea what the most popular movie was on the day that they were born.

To fill this lack, provides a cool new app that lets you travel back in time to

see what the box-office hit was

on the day you entered the world. Enter your birthdate, down to the year, and the app generates the number-one movie of that day, a trailer for the film, and the cost of admission back then. And try not to cringe when you see what you're paying for movies nowadays compared to back then.