Watch A Gucci-Clad Björk Open “The Gate” In Her Mesmerizing New Video

It restored my faith in music videos

Björk doesn't simply make music videos. She's a world-maker whose imagination's limits are that of her own making. "The Gate" is a testament to that. It looks like nothing else out there right now. It sounds like the coupling of a cosmic duo, blooming into one another, becoming one. It's Björk at her finest.

"The Gate" was made in partnership with artist Andrew Thomas Huang and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. Michele designed the gown Björk wears—and which took 870 hours to make!—as she passes a tentacled orb between herself and what could be read as her shadow. Its iridescence comes to life with each flutter and flourish of sound. This is what music videos could and should be: transformative, cinematic experiences not riddled with petty tabloid beef and, well, memes.

If you're looking for meaning, look no further than Huang's explanation. He says the video picks up where Björk's last album, 2015's Vulnicura, left off. "It is the first glimpse into Björk's utopia," he tells NOWNESS. "The doorway lies within the wound from Vulnicura, which now appears transformed into a prismatic portal channeled between the chests of two lovers. Not lovers in the quotidian romantic sense, but in a broader cosmological way. As a throughway into Björk's new album, 'The Gate' is a declaration of hope sung by a woman refracted and re-formed into a luminous whole."

Makes sense! Watch, below, and prepare to be shaken.