the best weekend outfit inspo, ever

    keep it simple.

    by Gabrielle Korn · December 06, 2014

    photo via Glamour UK

    It's finally the weekend. And while some of us are about to spend our days off in a Netflix hole, others have made so many plans, we can barely keep track of them. Regardless of our various weekend personalities, though, one thing's for sure: We really don't want to have to worry about what to wear. We just want to throw on the easiest, chicest, most comfortable, most versatile outfits possible. Is that too much to ask?

    So, to make sure that no one has to waste any precious time stressing about clothes, we came up with a game plan that everyone can benefit from: outfits consisting of just black and white. Sure, you could layer up with just one or the other, but we've recently become totally obsessed with mixing and matching clean, bright white pieces with moody black clothes. It takes little to no planning, since black and white match perfectly. Forget what you think you know about not wearing white after Labor Day: There really aren't any rules to follow when it comes to looking and feeling awesome.

    Click through for our favorite B&W outfit inspiration, and let us know if you're feeling the minimalist-chic vibe.

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