Black Coast’s New Song Will Take You Places

Listen to “Sleep Alone” here

Music should take you somewhere. Black Coast's latest is an adventure through shooting stars and longing.

With Soren Bryce on vocals, the New York-based artist and producer lifts us up into a sparkling, pulsing atmosphere. Bryce's delivery is rich with fragility. There's a nostalgic feeling to Black Coast's production as well. The drums' echo work to create an ambient space perfect for projecting whatever it is your subconscious feels the need to project. "'Sleep Alone' has been a fun one to work on," Black Coast tells us. "Soren and I kept bouncing ideas back and forth for months over email, since she was in L.A. and I'm in New York." Turns out after all that planning, the two worked so well together, the song took a day to finish. That rapport is obvious, too. Bryce's desire melts into Black Coast's cosmic melodies to create one listening experience you'll embrace getting lost in. Hear for yourself, below.