Black History Month At NYLON: 28 Days Of Being Unapologetic

Black and proud

Last February for Black History Month, we highlighted 45 young, gifted black women excelling in a variety of fields in a series called Black Girl Power… The Future Is Bright.

This year, our series is called UNAPOLOGETICand throughout the month we’ll be providing you with a surge of profiles, interviews, roundtables, reviews, videos, op-eds, and so much more, all deeply rooted in beautiful, black culture. Part of our inspiration for this month was the story behind the book and film Hidden Figures and the idea of discredited heroes; our aim is to bring to the forefront people typically forced to stay behind the scenes.

In our society, blackness is often relegated to the background; black people are forced to say they're sorry for the mere fact of their existence. Black lives are constantly in danger with blackness still perceived as a threat, even as society continues to appropriate aspects of it for financial gain. This project is intended to serve as a reminder that #BlackLivesMatter, but also we hope it inspires young black men and women to be their UNAPOLOGETIC selves and to embrace their blackness, individuality, and culture. There’s no better time than now to stand up and stay true to yourself