Blake Lively’s ‘The Shallows’ Gets A Second Trailer, This Time With More Shark

So intense

The first trailer for The Shallows starring the currently pregnant Blake Lively looked highly promising. The second is downright terrifying.

As said before, The Shallows takes a little bit of Jaws, reduces the central cast to one very blonde surfer girl, and maroons her on a bit of reef only yards away from safety. It’s an impressively simple premise for a thriller and, more often than not, simple premises yield solid results when it comes to the genre.

In this second trailer, we’ve got a bit more background and about 75 percent more shark. Lively appears to be out on the hunt for the perfect beach with the perfect waves, and comes across a place called Paradise. As it turns out, Paradise offers more than just surf, sun, and sand—there’s a man-eater in the water. (You can see it do a little bit of man eating in the trailer.)

Here, we not only see the setup for horror veteran Jaume Collet-Serra’s seventh film, but Lively plotting her escape and, ultimately, fighting back. Will she triumph over the shark or become a very good-looking entree? We’ll all find out when The Shallows hits theaters June 24. Watch the trailer, below.