fashion’s coolest girl shares the best places to shop in her new city.

by ali hoffman

For years, we've turned to Kristin Reiter when looking for everything from the perfect pair of skull studs to a throwback Aaliyah music video. The co-founder of Bleach Black and Nike's design director, Reiter doesn't have her finger on the pulse—she is the pulse.

Now living in Portland, Oregon, Reiter says that even though she'll “always call LA home, “ she's grown to really love all the hidden treasures her new city has to offer…And we really love her for sharing them with us.

Check out her favorite shopping stops below (plus and Ice Cream place, for good luck) and grab a copy of our “America” Issue, now on stands!

Woonwinkel (935 SW Washington St.)

“My Dutch is terrible, but I believe ‘Woonwinkle' translates to ‘Home Shop.' The shop feels delicate, precise and almost nostalgic when you walk in but only to discover that it's actually quite tactile and you can play with everything!  It's a welcome surprise to someone like myself (perpetually 5 years old) who gets anxiety from anything fragile.”

Table of Contents(33 NW 4th Avenue)

“If there was a retail space that I would want to live in, TOC would be it. The space is simple although thought provoking, and the location is absolutely genius…It's one of those rare stores you go in and come out having absorbed something beautiful.”

Solestruck (417 Southwest 13th Avenue)

“They have their only brick and mortar store here in Portland. I still haven't found out who designed the store, however it's absolutely stunning. I feel like Guy Bourdin would be inspired.”

Paxton Gate (4204 N. Mississippi Avenue)

“I spend way too much money on framed and mounted insects at Paxton gate. Last week I bought the most beautiful Attacus Atlas I've ever seen!”

Salt and Straw (2035 Northeast Alberta Street)

“The Ice cream that they make here is magically perplexing. They take more of a gourmet approach to their ingredients (they call it ‘Farm to Cone;) as well as what they pair together for the flavors. They have guest chefs come up with some of the flavors, like Arbequinua olive oil, pear with blue cheese, and bourbon with coffee.”