Blood Orange Gets His Groove On In His New Video “Augustine”

All hail “Augustine”

Last night, Blood Orange, aka Devonté Hynes, released a music video for "Augustine," a new track featured on his forthcoming album Freetown Sound. The record came out three days ahead of its initial release and is now available on Apple and Spotify. In the opening shot of the self-directed video, Hynes is the center of attention as he sits on the back of a car before steering viewers through different scenes in New York. (Shout-outs to our neighbors Melvin's Juice Box and the Access Theater.)

Local creatives like Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Aaron Maine (Porches), Bryndon Cook, Monica Mirabile, and Sigrid Lauren (FlucT) also make appearances. Of course, it wouldn't be a Blood Orange production without Hynes in his element playing the piano in an empty room, and breaking out into some beautiful choreography on a rooftop. 

As for the song, Hynes analyzes the experiences of him and his parents immigrating to new territories in their early twenties. In an interview with Kindness (Adam Bainbridge) for Red Bull Music Academy, Hynes discussed how there are different levels to the track. Additionally, it touches on the role that Christianity "has played and weaved into all of our existence," and specifically references the figures of  Saint Augustine and Nontetha Nkwenkwe.

Take it all in and watch the entire video, above.