Blood Orange Debuts His Excellent Video For “I Know”

Intimacy is cathartic

Blood Orange's latest album, Freetown Sound, is one of the year's bests. It's a rich and personal study of the intersection between blackness and masculinity in America set to warm, delicate melodies and compositions. "I Know" is easily one of the album's more standout songs, and today, it gets the music video treatment it deserves.

Dev Hynes, the brain behind Blood Orange, directed the project alongside Tracy Antonopoulos. It stars Russian ballet dancer Maria Kochetkova. Together, Hynes and Kochetkova perform a semi-choreographed ballet routine while the camera swirls around them. Clips of New York City and all its citizens going about their own day that bookend the dance amplify the quiet complacency the song talks about. 

"I Know" is the second video to come out of Freetown Sound. "Augustine" dropped over the summer, and packs a similar, delicate punch. 

Get lost in Hynes' world, below.