Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix

everything you need to know before you watch.

by liza darwin

Blue Is The Warmest Color

might've just left theaters, but clearly the gods of instant gratification heard our prayers--because the movie is now streaming on Netflix! If you haven't seen it already, add it to your queue immediately. But before you watch, there are some things you should probably know...

1. You definitely don't want to watch this one with your parents/little brother/friends you don't know that well/etc. You get the idea....there are several long and explicit sex scenes, and things can get really awkward, really quickly. 

2. Have snacks ready. Clocking in at more than three hours, this movie is LONG. 

3. Bring tissues. Even if you're not a huge movie-crier (like me), you'll probably want them just to be safe. 

4. If you want, read about the

director/actor controversy

before you press play. Learning about Abdellatif Kechiche's polarizing directing method gave the movie a whole different context for me. 

5. Don't watch it if you just went through a breakup. Just...don't. 

6.  Brush up on your French. Yes, there are subtitles, but still, it helps.

7. Stay away from the blue hair dye after. Otherwise you'll get inspired Lea Seydoux's awesome look and you WILL dye your hair blue. 

8. We already know that Lea Seydoux is amazing, but get ready to be blown away by newcomer Adele Exarchopoulos. We want more Adele! 


Blue Is The Warmest Color

on Netflix now.