chanel hops on the denim nail polish bandwagon.

by liza darwin

We can always count on Chanel to pioneer the nail polish shades that we'll be coveting from afar, waiting in line for at the boutiques, and then DIY-ing later (see: the army green Khaki Vert, the faded teal Nouvelle Vague, and the shimmery Black Pearl).

But this fall the French fashion house is the one following the trends with a new mini-line of denim-inspired varnishes. The brand is hot on the trail of RGB, Dior Maybelline, and Sally Hansen, who have already rolled out blue jean hues earlier this summer.

The Chanel shades, named Blue Rebel, Coco Blue, and Blue Boy will be launching in September on Fashion's Night Out.

Until then, see them up close below and let us know- is matching your nails to your jeans the next step in the denim-on-denim trend?