exploring spring denim’s cerulean crush…

by liza darwin

According to Pantone, "Tangerine Tango" is the official color for 2012. But if you ask Rag & Bone, they'll tell you that the label's bright turquoise/cerulean- "Bluebird," they call it- is the season's new It hue...and we're going to believe them.

The American designers first debuted the eye-popping shade a few months ago, and since then other retailers have been quick to follow suit. From the splurges to the fast-fashion picks, we've rounded up a collection of identical denim so you don't have to waste time hunting down that covetable color.

Check out our favorites below and give your basic blue jeans a bright new twist.

The original, Rag & Bone's "Bluebird" skinny jeans, $176 at Bloomingdales.

Twill Skinny Pants, $16 at Forever 21.

BDG Jeans, $58 at Urban Outfitters.

THVM Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans, $130 at Urban Outfitters.