boardwalk empire

it’s going to be a lawless summer with our warby parkers on.

by ray siegel

Warby Parker's new summer eyewear collection comes with an "Ocean Avenue" themed video, and watching it should come with a warning. You'll get a strong urge to shut down your computer and take the F train as far as it goes: to Coney Island. Sure the Cyclone is one rickety (slightly terrifying) rollercoaster, the beach isn't exactly the most pristine one we've parked our beach chairs on, and while we're being real, Nathan's doesn't even have the best hot dogs in New York. But still, there's no place more quintessentially "summer in NYC" than the full experience you get at Coney Island.

The brand's new launch paints a tempting picture: "Screaming on the Cyclone, lazing on the sand, and sprinting through the nearest open fire hydrant top our very lazy agenda this summer. This summer's ocean avenue collection is one for the boardwalk truants, amateur spongers, and aspiring beach bums. We daydreamed about our own adventures--searing brain freezes, sky-high cutoffs, and that open-window sensation of peeling out of a hot car seat-for our new selection of eyewear." Call us immature, but we couldn't have come up with a better plan ourselves. Even the frame colors are named after yummy drinks from our childhood, like Orange Fizz and Chocolate soda, making them them that much more tempting.

Appealing to our more adult tastes, they've done signature pairs in a Ginger Lemonade hue. To coincide with the launch, eyewear empire Warby Parker tapped Sophmore's Chrissie Miller, director Cass Bird and stylist Turner to show the glasses alongside everything we love about summer in the city. "You feel like you've stepped into a time warp," Miller says of Coney Island's all-around throwback vibe. "We wanted it to feel like it could have been shot in the '70s, or it could have been shot yesterday." Indeed it does. After all, that's the best part about Coney Island.

Even after hurricane Sandy, years later the boardwalk gives you the identical experience of decades past. Happy summer and happy sunglass shopping from NYLON and Warby Parker.