boast x tretorn

Rebellion never goes out of style…

by Josh Madden

boast x tretorn

When two iconic brands like Tretorn and Boast get together on a project, it's a pretty sure bet that whatever they come up with is going to be a home run. First of all, Tretorn was founded in 1891 and has been a strong choice the world over when it comes to tennis footwear. Boast, a product of country club rebellion, was founded in 1973 when a small crew of tennis and squash lovers with a rock and roll attitude started road-tripping to sell their goods.

The two entities meet with a penultimate love of the sport, friends, and a dedication to quality. The Tretorn classic sneaker was a favorite in the '70s as Boast was getting its start, so the collaboration between the pair on this pair (pun intended) is only proper. The Boast leaf print, which adorns the shoe, is available in either green or blue camo -- both look smart on and off the court.

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