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    by · October 30, 2013

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    WHY I LOVE IT: If Perfumista Avenue was a real street in New York City, it would undoubtably be the best-smelling block around and occupied by the most fabulous women in the city--a place where, I’d imagine, a credit check to move in would consist of the number of fragrances one owns. But in what part of town would it be located? This is the riddle that Bond No. 9, famous for branding their luxury scents after different neighborhoods and boroughs, concocted when the company let its creative juices flow (pun intended). Taking cues from the elegant atmosphere of the Upper East and West Side, the high-voltage energy of Midtown, the boho chic-ness of downtown, and the dynamism of Brooklyn, it’s as if the brand closed its eyes and placed a finger on a map of New York City--unsure of where it landed--and called this little slice of heaven Perfumista Avenue. Spilling notes of safran, jasmine, rose oil, patchouli, sensual musk, modern amber, and peonies, it’s clear this scent was designed for a woman with very exquisite taste. Not to mention, the bottle is metallic magenta with gilded accents, the perfect combination for all things girly and classic.
    FOR THOSE: Who want to take a break from searching for apartments on Craigslist and move to Perfumista Ave. (Or maybe that’s just me?)
    WHY I LOVE IT: As an unconventional lip color aficionado (I don’t own a single nude lipstick or lipgloss, and barely any pale pinks--bleh!), I’ve tested every “scary” color most girls would never think to put on their lips. Mint green, grey, black, yellow, baby blue--even colors like purple, magenta, orange, and brown can be intimidating to most--but trust me and try something weird! What I love about lipstick (besides everything) is that your entire face can be bare with your hair in a ponytail, and you can take your look from “boring” to extraordinary just by putting on a lip color. Which is why when Ardency Inn, rock ’n roll rookies in the cosmetic world, launched eight lip colors as part of their “Modster” collection, I tested them all and--surprise, surprise--the most dramatic of all ended up being my favorite. Dubbed “Black is Blue,” a midnight blue lipstick with an opaque coverage and a creamy matte texture, the hue just surpasses the darkest color of a bruise--which might sound terrifying--but turns out to be surprisingly wearable.
    FOR THOSE: Who remember that song “Blue (Da Ba De)” by Eiffel 65.
    WHY I LOVE IT: To be honest, what really drove me to this product at first was the packaging: With a sleek graphic design of a “YVES SAINT LAURENT” logo plastered on a black background on top of a golden eyeshadow compact, it practically screamed “CHIC!” at me. As if I couldn’t fall more in love, when I opened it and started swatting the quad of shades inside, I knew I had found the perfect neutral palette for fall/winter. With four wet and dry formula colors--champagne, marble grey, suede brown, and chestnut brown--each with tiny specks of glitzy dust so subtle you can barely tell there’s any at all until you place onto your lid and watch your eyes light up. Pro tip: wet your brush for even more impact, or lightly breeze across your lids dry for a more casual look.
    FOR THOSE: Who want their makeup packaging to be just as great as the product inside.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Since so many of us neglect our skin from the neck down (hey, we’re only human!), I can’t stress how important it is to use body oils, moisturizers, and exfoliators--especially during the winter--to prevent any harshness left on your skin. Last year I religiously slathered body oils onto my legs to prevent any dryness I experience from the cold winter wind, and although my skin was baby soft all season long, the downside was how messy the oils were to apply--not to mention a few stained my bedsheets. (TMI?) But finally, I found a product that’s made my life even easier, just in time for the cold weather to begin: Benefit’s Bathina Soft To Touch…Hard To Get Body Oil Mist. The spritz, which leaves behind yummy things like Vitamin E and sweet almond, olive, and avocado oils, in a lightweight sheen that doesn’t weigh skin down or feel uncomfortable. Spray on your skin after showering for maximum moisture!FOR THOSE: Who don’t want to feel like a human tin full of PAM olive oil when they apply body oil.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Because my hair is so fine and so damaged from bleaching and coloring it for so long, I’ve developed an irrational fear of leave-in anything because I think it’s going to weigh my hair down and make it look worse. But after I talked with one of my favorite hairstylists, who told me I should use a leave-in conditioner after showering to de-stress my hair, that fear has vanished. This specific leave-in conditioner by Carol’s Daughter has been my obsession as of late since it’s packed with monoi oil, coconut oil, and coconut water that all activate when you shake the bottle, blending the vitamins and minerals together. The end result is the perfect recipe for preventing tangling and shedding, all while protecting your strands.
    FOR THOSE: Who want to keep hair on your head…not on your brush.
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