the onion’s humor columnist gets her literary debut.

by liza darwin

If you read The Onion, chances are you've already met Jean Teasdale. She's the Midwestern wife wise-slash-humor columnist who's been serving up her bits of wisdom since she first began writing for the newspaper back in 1990.

Now, the hilarious character has gathered her very best advice on what she considers to be the really important life issues-shopping, chocolate, and Hollywood hunks- and wants to share them with us, her readers.

Here are a few of the vital lessons we've picked up from A Book of Jean's Own!:

-"Real world" hints on dealing with jobs you hate (Jean would know, she's held more than 35 part-time jobs!)

- Beauty and health tips, including how to get the famous Jean Teasdale hairstyle.

-A step-by-step guide to curing the blues (hint: lots and lots of chocolate).

-Advice on how to be kind to all sorts of people, including snooty sales clerks and bossy bosses.

-And just in case you need a break from all these life lessons, she's also included tons of recipes and doodles for readers to enjoy.

But besides these tips, Jean's hilarious book leaves us with an even more important message- it's never a good idea to take ourselves too seriously. And, when in doubt? Just laugh.

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