warning: buying this book may result in not leaving your couch tonight.

by ali hoffman

Search Alexander McQueen under "books" on Amazon.com, and you will likely feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of results.

That said, it should make sense why we didn't jump up and down when Judith Watt's Alexander McQueen: The Life and the Legacy first appeared on our desk. But when we finally got around to cracking it open, we realized just how foolish our initial nonchalance had been.

Penned by Judith Watt's, who's none other than the Head of Fashion History at Central Saint Martins, this McQueen book is unlike any other McQueen book because it's neither a biography focusing solely on the man behind the incredible designs, nor is it a coffee table book, intended to be casually flipped through and ogled at.

Sure, it's partly both of those things, but more importantly, it's an in-depth, critical examination of McQueen as both a genius mind and wildly talented designer. In short, reading Watt's book feels equivalent to taking a semester-long lecture class--An incredibly interesting and inspiring course taught by the very best of teacher's in the field. 

Order a copy here and check out a few of our favorite images from the book below.