book club: eye of the majestic creature

this quirky comic is definitely not just for kids.

by liza darwin

In her debut release, Leslie Stein proves that comic strips are so much more than those old "Cathy" cartoons you'd read around the kitchen table on Sunday mornings.

Instead, this semi-autobiographical tale, Eye of the Majestic Creature, follows protagonist Larrybear on a trippy journey throughout Chicago, San Francisco, and NYC in hopes of figuring out her life. She's ditched her boring high school friends and lame parents and decides to find her own post-grad self, partying and meeting ridiculous new people along the way.

Drawn in a totally out-there Surrealist style, this quick page-turner is proof that while you might be too old for "Garfield and Friends," there are cartoons you can still relate to...and love.

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