cecily von ziegesar rewrites her novel with a bloody slasher twist.

by liza darwin

Be careful where you read the latest Gossip Girl, because chances are people are going to give you weird looks based on the cover alone. I pulled out the slim 70-page novel on the subway yesterday, and everyone looked a little bit freaked out by the blood-splattered, knife-wielding image (the guy next to me actually stepped away, he was so bewildered).

But the creepy package is only the beginning of the latest book from Cecily von Ziegesar, the brains behind the Gossip Girl book franchise several years ago. For her latest effort, the NYC author has re-imagined the original story, but with an American Psycho-esque edge.

Inspired by other mashup books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, von Ziegesar has taken a stab (literally) at her own writing by keeping almost exactly the same plot and even whole paragraphs as GG #1. However, she's expanded upon the characters' evil genes and presented a satirical world in which Blair, Serena, and the rest of the UES crew look at murder in the same way as they do shoplifting, cheating, and raiding their parents' liquor cabinets.

We don't want to give away the killer ending- but let's just say this hilariously gruesome take on the first book makes us hope von Ziegesar continues her mean streak with the subsequent editions, it's so bloody good.

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