go from ‘buy’ to ‘diy’ with tatty devine.

by rebecca willa davis

Search "Tatty Devine" on the NYLON website and you'll come up with a lot of stories. We can't help it--every time the British jewelry duo release something new, we find yet another reason to buy yet another necklace. But Harriet Vine's and Rosie Wolfenden's latest project is one that can't be put around your neck—at least, not yet. Today marks the release of How to Make Jewelry with Tatty Devine, the designers' first foray into book publishing.

The DIY-centric tome is all about turning every day items into one-of-a-kind accessories. As they write in their intro, "We quickly realized that with some basic skills and a huge amount of imagination anyone can make original and stylish jewelry." For newbies, the entire first section is devoted to outlining all the tool you need (in pretty, graphic form, natch). From there, you get step-by-step guides to everything from photocopy watch bracelets to blinged-out clip-on sunglasses to candy wrapper necklaces.

Does this mean the end to your Tatty Devine obsession? Of course not--but it will keep you entertained while you wait for their next collection to hit stores.

Pick up your own copy of How to Make Jewelry with Tatty Devine in hardcover or paperback!

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