christian lacroix makes a haute couture fairytale.

by liza darwin

Whether it's a goth Snow White art book or Lindsay Lohan channeling Rapunzel on SNL's "The Real Housewives of Disney," the message is ringing loud and clear: fairytale princesses are having a moment.

The latest comes courtesy of fashion journalist Camilla Morton, who's taken the story of Sleeping Beauty and given it a stylish spin. In Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty, the French designer assumes the role as the prince and has to wake up a beautiful sleeping princess.

But let's be honest: this is the 21st century fashion world we're talking about, not a kiddie fantasy land. So in a brilliant twist, Lacroix awakes the girl not by a romantic kiss but by a fashion makeover (appropriate, right?!). With whimsical illustrations by Lacroix himself, the book is the first in Morton's series of fashion-lit collabs.

Unlike Lacroix's famously elegant couture clothes, this designer item is actually affordable- you can buy the book now on Net-a-Porter for just $22. That's good news for our wallets, because we hear Manolo Blahnik's The Elves and the Shoemaker is coming up next....