your new book doubles as a fashion accessory.

by liza darwin

Whether you wear your tote as a statement about going green or just haven't scrounged up the funds for a Mulberry Alexa, it's tough to beat the basic canvas carryall. Author Jitesh Patel gets this- so much so that the London-based illustrator's even devoted an entire book to the subject, aptly titled Tote Bag.

Featuring dozens of designs from international artists, it's a celebration of the chic-cheap staple that showcases everything from pop art screen prints to bold typography to our personal favorites, the "Tribute Totes," which are cheekily stamped with faces of Michael Jackson and Karl Lagerfeld.

Just a warning: reading about all these bags will probably tempt you to add another to your collection. But that's okay, because in an act of total genius, the book is cleverly wrapped in an adorable printed cotton tote itself.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

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