three little words. so much happiness.

by isabel huber

Say the name Vivienne Westwood, and many a debate, conversation, maybe even riot could be started. Add 'shoes' to that, and you start thinking of Naomi's notorious fall in those mouth-watering, electric skyscrapers (don't know what I'm talking about? YouTube it).

From opening the revolutionary store SEX in London with her beau Malcolm McLaren (father of the Sex Pistols), to flashing the Queen of England, the Dame has always been a force. Her shoes totter closely behind, almost filling the large footprints she leaves. Portraits of the sometimes dangerous heels, along with some less-lethal flats, have been compiled into a shoe-fetish, guilty-pleasure, Westwood Lover's new-bible, of a book.

The timeline covers from her early punk days in 1973, all the way through her ' I AM NOT A TERRORIST, please don't arrest me' collection of 2005. The book captures the couture ( On Liberty Riding Boot), the beautiful ( Mary Jane with Heart Buckle), and the - 'do I frame it, or do I wear it' ( the Penis Shoe).

But if you can't splurge on some pirate boots yet,  satisfy your inner rebel with your own copy of the book. The price tag is a little more economically conscious at $65, and your less likely to pull a Naomi (again, YouTube it, it's amazing).