editor’s pick: borrowed from the boys

an ode to the loose tee.

Confession: A great percentage of my t-shirt collection is comprised of men's shirts. And when I say "a great percentage," I mean 95%.

Could I shop in the women's section for these types of things? Yes, absolutely. But why on earth would I buy awkward loose-in-some-places-tight-in-others tops when I can get the perfect Olsen drape just by venturing next door to the guys' shop? Somehow they already have the soft worn-in quality everybody (guy and girl included) loves—you don't have to wash shirts five times before wearing them, girls! 

But the best part about men's tees are that they always look effortless (and extremely French). So grab a guy's shirt, throw on a pair of denim cutoffs and some flatforms and call it a day/night!

My picks?

Akomplice's Black Moan Striped Tee

O2 Lightwash Denim Shorts

, and

ASOS JAK Leather Flatforms