bottle opener by areaware

Easy to find…easy to use…

by Christian Lavery

If Family Feud were to survey 100 people asking what the most commonly asked question at a party is, we can guarantee “Where’s the bottle opener?” will pop up somewhere on the board. Probably right behind “Who finished my liquor?” And do you know why that is? Because it’s impossible to go an entire evening without the bottle opener going M.I.A at some point. So in an effort to keep that from happening, Areaware designed a simple bottle opener that has two magnets: one that allows you to stick it on the fridge, so you know where it is at all times, and one that catches the bottle cap from flying off into the unknown crevices that your living quarters may hold. Buy yours HERE. Oh, and about that person that finished your bottle of liquor? They’re probably the ones passed out in the guest bedroom.

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