Brand New Surprise Dropped Their New Album

They’re back for your emo heart

Update 8/18/17: Rejoice! Because Brand New just surprise-dropped their new album, titled Science Fiction. You can download it digitally now while physical copies will ship in October, according to their website. 

No more wasting words on lowercases and capitals. Brand New is coming back with a brand-new album this year. It's their first since 2009.

Around noon EST, the band announced on Twitter that their long-awaited fifth studio album drops this coming October. Vinyl presses of LP5 were briefly available for pre-order alongside the announcement. Those editions, however, have sold out in less than an hour. (Never doubt an emo heart's devotion.) 

That is quite literally it! No name. No tracklist. Just sold out vinyls of material we haven't heard yet. But hey, with all the returns from the scene's staples, like Paramore and The All-American Rejects, this year, why not make room for more Brand New? If their success is any indication, the devil and God are still very much raging inside us all.