The 7 Breakout Stars Of Summer 2016

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    by · July 06, 2016

    At the beginning of last summer, Rami Malek was a largely unknown actor who paid his bills by appearing in supporting roles in movies that featured much bigger stars. Then, on May 27, a techno-thriller called Mr. Robot premiered on USA, and over the course of the summer, as the show unfolded one thrilling episode at a time, Malek skyrocketed to stardom as his show became a bona fide phenomenon.

    This happens every summer, where artists break through in a way that helps shape or define our culture in a new way. Whether it’s by creating a song we can’t stop playing, or giving a performance we can’t stop thinking about, by fall, there will be fresh new faces that have become an indispensable part of our culture. Here then, are a few of the actors, artists, musicians (and one digitally rendered hot dog bun) who we think are poised to break out in summer ’16.

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