breather app

Find some peace and quiet…

by Christian Lavery

Between your busy schedule and the hustle and bustle that comes with, ya know, living life, it’s rare to find a moment of solace. So whether you need a spot to have a meeting, catch some quick z’s, or just need a moment to get away from it all, there’s an app that can make that all happen.

Introduced earlier this year, Breather provides you with the privacy needed to take refuge from daily stresses. Through the app, you can book a serene, freshly- cleaned space in an instant. The amount of time you book is up to you and with a simple tap of your phone, you’ll be able to open a door to a place of uninterrupted paradise. As of now, it’s only available in Montreal and New York, but stay tuned, as Breather will be live in San Francisco and other cities in the near future

Learn more about the app HERE, and if you're looking to hit the pause button on life ever so briefly, download it HERE, and the first hour will be on them.