Brenmar Hula Hoop Music Video

the childhood toy is no more

We’ve been told by countless MCs and performers to move our body like a so-and-so. Outkast wanted us to shake it like a Polaroid picture (something you shouldn’t actually do with a Polaroid); Baby Bash and T-Pain instructed us to move our bodies like cyclones; and the Ying-Yang Twins basically forced all of 2003 to shake it like a salt shaker. As long as there are things to shake and move, there will be dancing similes. Now, Brenmar has given us 2015’s: the hula hoop.

With the help of New Jersey queen Uniiqu3, the Brooklyn producer’s “Hula Hoop,” off his new Award EP, is slated to be this summer’s most triumphant dance hall jam. The call to action is simple: “Swing them hips like a hula hoop.” In case you forgot how, the new video does a solid job showing you.

Dancers, including the Guiness World Record hula hooper Marawa The Amazing, demonstrate how it’s done in Chromat, Kerin Rose, MadeMe, and Coco & Breezy designs. The glowing hula hoops are pretty much fashion, too, and it all comes to an anthemic head here. Turn up to this. Let’s go.

Oh, and if you’re in New York this weekend, Brenmar, DJ Sliink, and Hoodboi are throwing the “All White All Night” boat party. They set sail July 10. Get them tickets here.