coming out of my case and I’ve been doing just fine…

by ali hoffman

According to Greek mythology, Medusa's not exactly a beauty queen… in fact, if you look at her, you'll turn to stone. So we were a bit skeptical to test out a range called "Medusa's Makeup".... But due Medusa's insanely awesome colors, budget-friendly prices, and adorable packaging, we finally took a leap of faith. 

The result: Let's just say, in the world of cosmetics, Medusa got a makeover- and it involves tons of neon glitter and wide-range electro eye shadows.

Okay, so neon glitter is not really anything new, but if you've ever attempted to apply it on your face, we bet we could still find proof scattered in the depths of your carpet and furniture.  The creative geniuses behind Medusa's Makeup created a solution: An all-natural adhesive for glitter dubbed The Fix, which keeps glitter in place without too much of a stick-factor.

Ladies, it's time to clean out your makeup stash and prove Perseus wrong.

Available online at Medusa's makeup