Watch The Trailer For ‘Bright,’ Will Smith’s Netflix Blockbuster

The times they are a changin’

The most shocking moment in the new trailer for Bright comes at the very end. After watching the three-minute preview of the latest Will Smith blockbuster, the very end of the trailer informs us that on December 22, Bright will be available “only on Netflix.” That’s wild when you think about. A few years ago, Smith was the consensus biggest movie star on the planet, and now even he is making movies exclusively for the streaming service. 

Bright is said to be the most expensive movie Netflix has ever made, and, after watching the trailer, it's easy to see why. The movie is set in an alternate Los Angeles, where humans coexist among mystical creatures likes fairies, elves, and orcs. Smith plays an LAPD officer who, along with an Orc partner—that’s Joel Edgerton buried under all those blue prosthetics—discovers a magic wand that is able to grant unlimited wishes. Presumably, they want to stop that from getting in the wrong hands. The premise seems silly on the surface, Bad Boys meets Lord of the Rings, but director, David Ayer (Suicide Squad), and writer, Max Landis, play it mostly straight, and even find time for some social commentary amidst all the fairy tale gangster cop stuff. Smith and company debuted the new trailer at Comic-Con, and you can watch it above.