lipstick inspired by ’80s nightclubs? we’re in love.

by liza darwin

What happens when a bunch of former Club Kids team up to bring back the '80s? Despite what you might think, it's not a theme party or an embarrassing photo slideshow.

For the makeup experts at Three Custom Colors, fond memories of late nights at iconic NYC nightclubs instead inspired them to create a line of surprisingly wearable dayglo lipsticks.

The new "Light Brights" lip color collection includes four fluorescent shades named after favorite haunts, like Limelight (a peachy pink), Palladium (magenta), Area (taxicab yellow), and Danceteria (neon orange).

And although the high-wattage hues seem shocking at first, they actually go on sheer and super-smooth. Plus, they're so easy to blend, they can double as a subtle blush.

So even if their namesake nightclubs are long gone, that's okay. With these new lipsticks, disco inferno can live on- at least in your makeup bag.

$21.50 each