Ew! Beauty: Brittle Winter Nails

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    by · November 16, 2016

    Let’s face it: Along with fall’s chill (which means piling on the layers and drying, dulling skin) comes a ton of gross beauty problems. From smelly feet to chapped lips, there’s a lot that can hold you back from living the confident fireside, pumpkin spice latte-sipping lifestyle you were meant to lead. But don’t worry—we’re talking to experts about how to fix them. Welcome to Ew! Beauty.

    ’Tis the season—for gift-giving, caffeinated holiday drinks, and, less appealingly, brittle nails. Between the extremes of dry heat blasting indoors and the freezing temperatures outdoors, not to mention frequent hand-washing, your nails experience as much dehydration as your skin and hair do. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that come the first gust of wind, and you are faced with ever-cracked, chipped nails and pesky, and oftentimes painful, hangnails that threaten to ruin our fresh manicures by catching on something and ripping open.

    To learn how to deal with weakened cold-weather paws and not spend the season hiding in our mittens, we caught up with Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINsoon Nail Lacquer and Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spa, and Evelyn Lim, lead artist at Manhattan’s design-focused salon Paintbox, to get their tips on keeping your winter manicure winter fresh. Get ready to nail it with their advice below

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