Sherwood Marty Wants To Be The Voice Of Louisiana

Or, at least, of his neighborhood

by NYLON x 300 Entertainment

Each week, we’re bringing you a new video by one of 300 Entertainment’s best up-and-coming artists, as part of the BRKRS series. Each musician was placed in the same 10x10 room, with the assignment to make the space their own and tell their audience who they really are. They’re the next big names in the music industry, we’re just letting you know first.

After watching the video for Sherwood Marty's single "We Out Chea," above, you'd likely glean one important thing about him: He's definitely from the South. Throughout the video—intersected with wide shots that show him dancing around the BRKRS room—we see him chilling and eating crawfish. Turns out, he decided to spend the video chowing down on some Southern delicacies as a way to bring his Louisiana heritage to the forefront of the video, since representing his home is important to him. He told Shanté Cosme, "We wanted to incorporate Louisiana into the video as much as we could."

Sherwood Marty hails from the Sherwood neighborhood of Baton Rouge—and, yes, that's how he got his stage name. And though he says he included his neighborhood in his rap name on a whim, he's become serious about representing his home.

His hopes his story of pursuing his dreams inspires other people from Sherwood and similar places, and says he wants to "[motivate] the kids that want to do something better with their life." His devotion to helping younger fans is his top priority, because he sees the power that the next generation yields, and "we've got to steer them in the right direction."

Watch the video for "We Out Chea," above.