Broods Mother and Father

from broods to la sera, get schooled on this week’s best new music!

by nylon

Broods- "Mother and Father"

After releasing no fewer than three different videos for their breakout hit "Bridges," New Zealand brother-sister duo Broods are giving us a breath of fresh air with their new single. We mean that literally, too, since singer Georgia Nott's floaty, crisp vocals seem to soar right into your eardrums...and stay there, planted firmly in your brain. Which, in the case of a song as gorgeous as this one, is definitely a good thing.  LIZA DARWIN

La Sera - "Fall In Place"

We're not exactly sure where Katy Goodman and Todd Wisenbaker are walking in this video for "Fall In Place," a breezy pop song with just a hint of dissonance toward the end, but it's clear that the place the former Vivian Girl has fallen into is a pleasant one. This, combined with the fact that the video also stars a very cute dog, has us ready to fall in place behind them and tag along wherever they may lead us. MELISSA GIANNINI

OK Go - "The Writing's On the Wall"

There are few contemporary artists whose music videos can make your jaw drop and brain melt more than OK Go. See: synchronized treadmill routines, dancing dogs, and of course the unforgettable Rube Goldberg Machine. So by now, we all know that when the alt-rock band decides to drop a vid, we will be impressed. Their latest is no exception to the rule. Optical illusions enhance the song's complex subject matter of navigating an inevitable break-up with skewed visuals representing how two parties can see the same scenario very differently. BANU IBRAHIM

A Million Billion Dying Suns - "The Garden"

Fuzz guitar fans will fawn over this gurgling, speaker-busting, impossibly catchy song from Cali psyche-garage rockers A Million Billion Dying Suns. We're calling it now -- "The Garden" will be this summer's clap-along bad-vibes exorcist. MG

Laura Welsh - "Cold Front

British songstress Laura Welsh has had a bit of a rocky career. She's gone by nom de plumes "Laura and the Tears" and "Hey Laura" and despite her immense talent, she hadn't reached the recognition she so clearly deserves. Fast forward to a few months ago, when she released "Unravel" (with the help of Dev Hynes) under her true name. This week, Laura delivered the video for her new single "Cold Front." The song is filled with snappy beats, sultry smooth vocals, and all-too-relatable lyrics. It will literally leave you swaying side to side like the Cabaret singer you always wished you were. -- YASMEEN GHARNIT