Brooke Candy And Sia Encourage You To Live Out Loud In Their New Video

It’s the only way they know how

Youth is a trippy time for everyone. That awkward age between 17 and your early 20s are infamous for being prime self-discovery years. It’s also great for living out loud, as Brooke Candy and Sia recount throughout their latest music video.

“Twenty-three lived a hell of a life/ Twenty-two such a blur, it's passing me by,” Sia sings on “Living Out Loud.” Followed up by Candy: “Twenty-one I caught a glimpse of the light/ Twenty drinks later in the back of a ride.” Yeah, it’s a time of recklessness for most, but it’s also the time when both Candy and Sia started experimenting heavy with drugs and alcohol, something that both have been very open about in the past. In fact, it’s Sia who helped Candy rise out of her addiction.

“I was on a lot of drugs, and [Sia] helped me kick drugs,” she told Fashion Unfiltered back in August. “She found me and e-mailed me when I was squatting in this punk house. I was basically homeless and I was hustling like ten different jobs, and she said, ‘You are so weird. I want to write a song for you.’ Then I met her and she was like, ‘F–k a song. I’m going to do your whole album, and I’m going to help you navigate this disgusting fame industry.'”

And “Living Out Loud” is our first taste. Candy describes it as “thoughtful pop, like Luscious Jackson meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Madonna” in an interview with Noisey, emphasizing that she wants to create music that “makes people feel some sort of bliss. That makes people want to spread some sort of love and light onto this planet…”

We like to think she succeeded. Go make out with that person you’ve been crushing on, wear that white doily as a necklace, ride that motorcycle with the bad boy who drives a little too fast and a little too careless. Live out loud, babes.