Brooke Candy Shows Us The Opulent Side Of Texas

    Hello, Freaky Princess

    by · March 29, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Brooke Candy.

    Singer Brooke Candy knows opulence. After all, one of her earlier hits was named after the word. So, it’s no surprise that she embodies the sentiment wherever she goes.

    Candy adventured to Texas earlier this month for SXSW. Neither heat nor torrential storm could keep her from dressing up, down, and everything in between. With a camera in tow, she captured every moment and made a photo diary for us to peruse. The Freaky Princess made her entrance everywhere she went and man, are we thrilled that she did. Brooke Candy kept Austin fierce, weird, and, yes, opulent. So, let’s begin. “After arriving in the middle of nowhere in (South Padre) Texas, it was time to unleash the Freaky Princess...”

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