leave it to gwen stefani to make the cutest tweezers ever.

by liza darwin

Gwen Stefani has already put her Harajuku Lovers line on the runway, all over your makeup counter, and even on some very well-dressed fragrance dolls. Now the pop star designer is taking her Kawaii goods to your bathroom with a new collaboration with Tweezerman.

This limited-edition L.A.M.B. collection includes four regular-sized tweezers in colorful motifs that take cues from Love, Angel, Music, Baby, plus a miniature one stamped with "G" for Gwen. They're girly, they're fun, and one thing's for sure- they're designer items that are guaranteed to still be stylish next season.

It should go without saying that Gwen's well on her way to world domination with the continuous rollout of adorable products, but she's also managed to transform grooming tools into a bona fide fashion accessory. And if you ask us, that's almost even cooler.

Buy the slanted tweezers for $25 and the mini slanted for $15 starting August 1 at Sephora.