Get Into This All-Female Remix Of Bruno Mars And Cardi B’s “Finesse”

Cardi, Nicki, Kim, Missy, Foxy, Latifah, Left-Eye, Lauryn

Now this is what finesse is all about. Florida producer Amorphous has taken Bruno Mars' already classic Cardi B remix of "Finesse" and sprinkled even more excellence over it.

Aside from the chorus, Amorphous stripped Mars from the song and gave the verses over to the boss ladies of rap. Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B? Yep. It's a straight-up blast. 

The megamix has taken off in the mere 24 hours it's been out in the world. Considering the success the original had this week, Amorphous' timing could not be more perfect. (Hello, SEO gold!) "I actually created it last night out of sheer boredom," he tells us. "I was staring at my ceiling, my friend wasn't picking up the phone, and I had a music scratch to itch. So in the midst of me producing for my debut album, I decided to throw it together for fun!" Why ladies only? Because "female rappers are a treasure that must be cherished," he says. "They have it 10 times harder and are often compared way more than male rappers. Similar to my 'UNITY' - Female Rap Mix, I wanted to recapture the essence of unity in the female rap game."

Now, Amorphous is riding high with the megamix's winnings, taking the time to thank everyone on Twitter. I happened to exchange a few with him last night after I caught wind of the megamix and was sent down a SoundCloud hole where I soon discovered Amorphous is a bona fide talent. His mash-ups, especially the Rihanna x Aaliyah ones, are brilliant while his original work, like this take on Tweet's iconic "Oops (Oh My)," are vibes worth catching. 

Get into this magic, below, and support it by downloading the song here.