the curious case of the foam shampoo…

by liza darwin

We admit: we usually think of Suave as the affordable alternative to luxe hair products. And while this isn't exactly a bad thing, it's usually not enough to convince us to swap out our tried-and-true-favorites...until now.

The new Waterless Foam Shampoo has earned its spot in our bathroom because it's just so good. Although it's similar to dry shampoo because it doesn't require a shower to get your hair clean, this time around the liquid-to-foam formula pumps out like mousse.

Thanks to aloe leaf and jojoba, this 30-second secret works great on curlier hair and is the perfect instant refresher after a workout, during a mid-afternoon beauty slump, or after a late-night out. Just don't go ditching showers entirely....

Buy it soon in drugstores.