squirting some flower power into a fashion must-have.

by faran krentcil

After I finally caved and decided to try a new perfume, I rode the elevator with our photo editor, Stephen Walker. "You're wearing Chloe," he said, sniffing the air, and he wasn't talking about my shoes.  (Topshop, actually.)  "My friends do too.  And, like, every girl I know."

Such is the only problem with the eponymous Chloe fragrance, named after the super-haute French label, and fronted by Chloe Sevigny, Anja Rubik, and Clemence Poesie.  The scent is so good, it inspired a NYLON cover (starring those three muses), and apparently, millions of fans.

It's too fantastic to surrender, but if you work in an industry like fashion, where every girl is a Chloe fiend, you might end up frustrated.  So we've found a solution: Chloe Rosebud.

The limited-edition fragrance has the same basic formula as the regular Chloe, but it's also got a full-bodied blast of flower power (roses, naturally) to shift the scent into something more special.

Also, it's limited edition, so if you get it now - and keep your bragging off your Twitter page - you'll avoid being tagged as a scent invader by your friends and family (and even Stephen Walker).

Chloe Rosebud, $85 at Sephora.