buzz off

we test an all-natural bug spray in the wilds of centralpark.

by faran krentcil

If you're an outdoor girl (or even an outdoor-for-a-BBQ girl) you probably swear by OFF, the bug spray that literally keeps everything with four legs away from you.

But if you're trying to live a greener life, and especially a greener skin care routine, you might be thinking there's a better way to repel mosquitoes than with a factory chemical.

The problem? Testing that theory requires putting yourself, and your bite-free skin, on the line.  So we put on our bravest face and did it for you.

This weekend, we trekked through Central Park (all 6.1 miles of it) wearing Herbal Armor, a natural bug spray made by All Terrain that contains citronella oil, beeswax, and other farm-fresh ingredients.

The spray is sweat resistant and smells a lot like Lemon Pledge - just gross enough to make us think it was working.  And after three hours of frolicking, we came back to civilization bite free.  Score one for the tree huggers - this stuff seems to be the real deal.

$8 a bottle at Whole Foods or online