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California Women No Longer Need A Prescription To Buy Birth Control


Friday brought some good news for California women. The state passed a new law allowing women of all ages to be able to purchase birth control without a doctor’s prescription.

Everything from birth control pills, to patches, injections, and vaginal rings will be available at any pharmacy. All one needs to do is fill out a simple questionnaire, have their blood pressure taken, and then a brief info session with the pharmacist to answer any questions—and you’re all set. It’s as simple as that. The best news is, if your insurance plan already covers your birth control, it should still be covered without the prescription. The only exception to this new law is for methods where a doctor is needed to insert, such as an IUD.

While it’s not technically over the counter, it definitely makes birth control much more accessible and convenient. (And speaking of convenience, we're still waiting on that promised birth control pill for men!) The law was passed in order to help reduce unintended pregnancies.

California isn’t the first state to administer this. Washington and Washington D.C. have already put this into effect, while in Oregon, birth control is accessible without a prescription for women over the age of 17. 

We’re hoping the rest of the country will follow suit soon.